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Betty Ann Richmond, M. Ed.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington (LH#000-4236.)  That means I have successfully completed an accredited training program, have passed a state examination which ensures competency, and that I follow prescribed ethical and profession standards.  Treatment consists of talking about issues and concerns that you present.  We will discuss your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and ways of relating to other people.  Occasionally, treatment can involve other members of your family or those in a close relationship with you.  We are likely to discuss:  events and circumstances that have formed you; how you relate to other people and events in your life; ways of changing thought patterns and behavior identified by you as problematic; the meaning and the values of your life.  This framework attends mainly to the here-and-now issues but, sometimes historical and past issues need to be addressed to understand what is happening today.


Betty Ann Richmond, M. Ed,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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